Characteristic about our fence
- Aug 11, 2018 -

Vinyl (PVC) Fence is one of the most common fences being installed today all over the region. This is because of it’s beauty, long-lasting qualities and ease of maintenance. A quality vinyl fence that has been installed properly will last for many years to come with almost no maintenance to speak of. Due to is moisture resistant nature, you won’t have to worry about your vinyl fence posts rotting out and the fence falling over in a wind storm. You can choose from many styles of vinyl fence to suit your taste.

Strong, Wind Resistant Vinyl Fence

Not only are our fences manufactured with the highest quality materials, but we build them to withstand 100 + mile per hour winds so that you don’t have to worry each time a storm blows through. Many inferior companies install their fence posts as wide as 8′ apart, but not Superior Vinyl Fence. We keep our vinyl PVC posts at 6′ spacing and this creates a much stronger support system for our fence sections. Along with the closer post spacing, we like to use a superior quality 8″ top and bottom rail which give even more strength to each section of fence. Again, many other “Cheap” companies will use 5″ rails. Yes this is “Cheaper”, but it is also weaker, inferior, and definitely not SUPERIOR.

Our Greatest Assets

At Superior Vinyl Fence we know that it is our employees that really help set our fence installation apart from the competition. We have hand picked excellent people that know how important it is to communicate effectively with our client. Our employees are expertly trained to be On Time, Responsive to our Clients, Install to the highest standards, and to communicate clearly and effectively.