Equestrian or Horse Fence - Stylish and Practical
- Aug 10, 2018 -


Fresh Ideas Using a Vinyl Horse Fence

If you need a little more seclusion, yet like the design of horse fencing, try modifying the equestrian look. Surround your garden with a horse fence perimeter and attach chicken wire to the outside of the posts to create a solid background. This will keep the open air flow that your garden needs and also allow to your garden to retain its charm. The chicken wire will keep smaller animals or children from sneaking through the slats and destroying your plants. If you need a high-class, elegant structure for your yard and still want an equestrian design, try an alternative to wood or vinyl fencing. Some builders will use stone slats instead of the traditional wooden or vinyl posts. This makes a solid structure, similar to privacy fencing. It also makes attaching your slats more secure and more eye-catching to others as stone and metal are extremely popular trends.

Horse Fencing Trends On the Rise

Whatever goals you have for your yard, Superior Fencing or horse fencing is a quality choice for any yard. Large amounts of land or small lots can benefit from a vinyl horse fence. Also, if you want a unique twist, make your own design with original materials. Whether you live in the city, suburbs or on a rural lot, horse fencing can benefit your yard space.