FAQ about pvc fence
- Aug 07, 2018 -

1) Who is responsible for finding property lines/pins?

The “Property Owner” is responsible for determining where the property lines/pins are and making sure the fence is laid out on their property. If you are concerned about the property lines/pins, the best thing to do is have a survey done. If replacing an existing fence, we will normally install your new fence where the old fence was located, unless specifically instructed by you to move the fence to a different location.

2) Does Superior Vinyl Fence locate the underground utilities or do I do that?

You are responsible for informing us of any existing private utilities. If you have any of these lines, please mark them and let us know before we begin the installation of your fence. We will call Blue Stakes and have them mark the underground public utility lines.

3) Does your crew trim the bushes or tree limbs that crowd the fence line?

It is the home owner’s responsibility to provide our crew access to the fence line. You are asked to trim the bushes and tree limbs so that we can build your fence without obstructions. Our employees are experts at building fences, but not necessarily at trimming your trees and shrubs. We will need about 3 feet of access to the fence area and clear access to install your fence.

4) Will you notify the neighbors that the fence is being installed/replaced and when?

We will communicate directly with you, our customer. We would encourage you communicate with your neighbors so that they know we are coming and when.