How is my fence project scheduled?
- Aug 09, 2018 -

How is my fence project scheduled?

Your project will be added to the soonest available day on our schedule once we have received 1) your Initial deposit and 2) your fence materials are available. The length of time your fence will take to complete will depend on 1) type and complexity of your fence, and 2) any specific customizations you have requested. Normally fence work will begin aproximately 1-2 weeks after your deposit is received. On our inital visit we will tear out your exising fence(if applicable) and set your new fence posts.The concrete for the fence posts will need 3-5 days to set. We will then return and complete the installation. Your fence will be open during the installation period so please make arrangements for your pets, etc…

7) Do I need to mark my sprinkler lines and have them cut and capped if they are in the way of the new fence – or will Superior Vinyl Fence do that?

Yes, you will need to mark the sprinkler lines and have them repaired/moved either before or after the fence has been installed.

8) How can I find out how much a new fence will cost?

That’s easy, just contact us and we will come out to perform a visual inspection of your project and provide you with an Free Estimate. We are always happy to provide pricing for specific fencing projects. Because there are always many variables that are specific to your fencing project (location, soil conditions, topography of the lot, underground utilities, obstacles in the fence line, bushes/trees that need trimming, etc…)  pricing a fence construction project is never as easy as “We charge X dollars a foot”. If I were to call a company and they just tossed out a number for each foot of fence over the phone without seeing the property or knowing about any of these variables, I would be VERY skeptical about them. Are they going to quote me this low price over the phone, then start the work and look for ways to increase the cost.