What is the different between steel fence and PVC fence?
- May 23, 2018 -

In fact, not only is the difference in technology, but also the two are different from structural materials. Zinc steel railings refer to the use of high-quality steel through hot dip zinc treatment, and then through four layers of surface treatment and electrostatic powder spraying made.


What about the plastic railings? Plastic railings, also known as PVC railings, its main material is made by adding stabilizers and colorants to PVC through high temperature extrusion. In order to increase the strength of the railing, it must be added to the cavity with more than a certain length.


This is the difference between the two materials and processes. Are they different in terms of performance and so on? There must be some. First of all, corrosion resistance, we know that zinc steel has excellent corrosion resistance, can achieve 30 years without rust. Plastic railings also have good corrosion resistance.

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