Not All Vinyl Suppliers Are Created Equal
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Our vinyl is commercial grade. Not to be confused with the lesser grade vinyl products you may find at your local retail stores. Here are some of the advantages of our vinyl fencing compared to other suppliers:

  • 产品不会泛黄,因为整个型材断面中都加入了大量进口光、热稳定剂和紫外线吸收剂。

    Superior Vinyl Fence product will not get yellowing because a large number of imported light, heat stabilizers and ultraviolet absorbers are added to the profile section.
  • 公司一般护栏产品按企业标准进行软、硬重物撞击试验;而阳台栏杆则按BOCA,ICBO,SBCCI或NES等国际权威测试机构的标准进行载荷试验。能承受一般的撞击。但仍要按公司的安装说明书进行正确安装。如因意外重大打击而破裂,也很易更换。请注意它是终身保修的。

    Superior Vinyl Fence products is according to enterprise standards for soft and hard weight impact tests; and balcony railings according to BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI or NES and other international authoritative testing agency standards for load tests. It can withstand general impact. But it is still necessary to install correctly according to the company's installation instructions. It is also easy to replace if it breaks down due to major accidents. Please note that it is guaranteed for life

    5. PVC护栏的抗风力如何?

  • 护栏设计能抗一般的风载荷。抵抗风载荷的大小取决于立柱和水平横杆的安装,以及护栏的型式。栅条稀疏的护栏最能抵抗风载荷。按说明书要求安装,护栏就能抵抗正常风载荷。公司的产品经过专门机关测定,抗风载能力合格。

    The fence design can resist general wind loads. Resistance to wind loads depends on the installation of columns and horizontal bars, as well as the type of fence. Fencing is with sparse grid bars are most resistant to wind loads which will be able to withstand normal wind loads as required by instructions. Superior Vinyl Fences are tested by specialized agencies, and the wind resistance capacity is qualified.

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