Why You Should Invest The Superior Vinyl Fence?
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Superior Vinyl/PVC fence is manufactured by extrusion of ethylene plastic and plastic profiles on the surface of metal profiles, which further overcomes the shortcomings of the second generation fence products, such as coating peeling, easy aging and so on. PVC fence has become a representative of the third generation of road fence products. The new production process brings unique product performance, PVC fence compared with similar guardrail products in the following aspects have a lot of advantages:


1,PVC fencing manufacturers can not only provide a large number of model products for users to choose, but also can be customized according to the actual requirements of architects and developers, specifications are diverse. Moreover, the PVC fence is mostly white, blue, green and wood, with rich colors.

2、强度高,韧性强。PVC护栏可以完成100公斤的压重试验,强度和韧性要远远优  于一般的木质护栏。通过合理的安装立柱和水平横杆使护栏能够抵抗7-8级的强风吹袭。

2, high strength and toughness. PVC fence can complete 100kg of pressure test, strength and toughness is far superior to the general wooden fence. Through reasonable installation of columns and horizontal bars, the fence can withstand 7-8 strong winds.