Durable Using PVC Privacy Fence Supplier
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Plastic Fence is made of high quality PVC and special additives. It has bright color, smooth surface, high strength, strong toughness, corrosion resistance, anti-static, non-fading, non-cracking, non-embrittlement and other advantages. It fully meets the special requirements of anti-aging, anti-corrosion, non-fading, dust-proof, anti-static, maintenance-free and anti-ultraviolet. Metal pillar as the lining, high strength, no rust, longer life, suitable for a wide range of unique structural design, variety presents diversity, and beautiful and generous, suitable for residential areas, courtyards, villas, its lines fluent, simple and beautiful, rich in modern flavor; let the residential colour, let the courtyard glow, let the villa furniture It has the high taste of the times. Simple installation, easy maintenance, easy cleaning, economical and practical maintenance.