Vinyl Fencing Colors.
- Jan 11, 2018 -

When considering vinyl fencing, most homeowners think of the cheap looking box store vinyl fencing. Ok! Let's step it up a few notches and look at the premium vinyl fencing from our factory! Picket or privacy fence multiple styles, multiple colors, and lifetime warranty! If you see it in wood, we can probably come close to it in vinyl, and choose a color to go with it.

SuperiorVinylFencing will take a lot of abuse, so you definitely need to be able to find replacement pieces when needed. What happens to lifetime vinyl fencing that it needs repairs and/or replacements.  You would be surprised, cars and golf carts, trees, tree limbs, hail storms, landscapers, bobcats …



When choosing your premium vinyl fencing colors consider what color best complements your home, then make sure that color is SOLID ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE EXTRUSION!  


Two story home with a white picket fence? White premium vinyl fencing is our most popular color and complements most homes and backyards. White is the most common style you will see. Privacy fencing to picket fencing to ranch rail fencing white is the most popular.

TAN (also known as buttterscotch, beige, almond …)

Why TAN premium vinyl fencing? Tan color was developed back in the early 2000's to match the most popular color of vinyl siding during the housing boom of the late 1990's. Since that is the most popular color for that time period it only makes sense to have a vinyl fence color to match it up.



Mocha is a newer arrival in the premium vinyl fence family. Mocha has a cedarish color with a wood grain appearance. Actually, it makes me think of the tyed dyed t-shirts in the late 1960's. Mocha is an attractive alternative for the dark color. However, it does have some downsides to it. First the color is a top coating only (not solid all the way thru the extrusion). So if scratched or cut the top layer is knocked off and the lighter underlying color is revealed.

Second, because it is a dark color and retains heat, extra reinforcements are required, along with special installation techniques to overcome the heat issue. These extra reinforcements and techniques increase the cost considerably.


BUYER BEWARE!!!  An exciting breakthrough was developed years ago introducing a black line of vinyl fencing. Somehow they overcame the heat issue and had a great product, NOT! The black vinyl fencing did not hold up to the solar heat, softening and actually leaning towards the sun. Lot's of law suits, you can still find it online people trying to dump this product.


By dealing with us, the vinyl factory direct fabrication plant, you are assured of top quality vinyl products, a great price, and full inventory for replacement parts.