PVC Banister

PVC Banister

Frame Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: PVC
Application: Residential
Color: White, Tan
UV: UV Proof

Product Details


All our fence with color white tan gray black etc and ISO9001 ASTM Certificated


  • Resists corrosion, fading, discoloring, and never needs painting

  • Ideal for pool areas to keep children and pets secure

  • Low-maintenance, durable, and affordable

  • Available in numerous styles, from privacy to semi-privacyClean, with a consistent look and feel.

  • Environmentally-friendly renewable resources 


Smooth combination of smooth pores

Beautiful and generous guardrail accessories, bright and bright surface

Made of PVC adhesive, no cracking, stronger

Extra-thick PVC raw material pipe, no need for steel lining load-bearing

Installation Notes

1. Put the connecting piece of the railing on the beam, confirm the drop between the railing and the column, and use the tail of the screw hole of the connecting piece.

The screws are fixed and the precise position is measured. The connectors can be assembled to the column and assembled.

Note the number of corner posts required.

2. Determine the installation position of the column, generally start to install the column from the corner, the specific operation is as follows: find the corner

Cross the line to cross out as the center point of the column.

3. Place the column of the installed connector into the pit and insert the rail into the connector.

4. Use iron wire to pull on both sides of the column, and the bottom of the railing is leveled with bricks. Note that each column must be solidified with wire.


5. Adjust the level with the railing, after vertical, start to grout the cement work, add appropriate amount of concrete to each pit to stay

The back position of 100MM is suitable for plant growth.

6. Calibrate the horizontal and vertical of the guardrail again, and compact the soil to complete the installation work.

7. Wipe the installed guardrail and finish the installation.



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