Grass Fence

Grass Fence

Frame Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: PVC
Application: Residential
Color: White, Tan
UV: UV Proof

Product Details

Post Size: 5’’*5’’, 4’’*4’’, 3-3/8’’*3-3/8’’

Rail Size: 2’’*6’’, 1-1/2’’*3’’, 2’’*3-1/2’’,

Ribbed Rail Size: 2’’*6’’, 1-1/2’’*5-1/2’’, 2’’*3-1/2’’

Slotted Ribbed Rail: 2’’*6’’, 1-1/2’’*5-1/2’’, 1-1/2’’*4-1/2’’, 2’’*6’’

Picket Size: 1-1/2’’*1-1/2’’, 1’’*1’’, 7/8’’*2-3/8’’, 7/8’’*1-1/2’’, 7/8’’*3’’, 7/8’’*6’’


Fences provides a very good boundary to ensure the safety of the area inside the fence. It can be an anti-theft measure, no matter how small, it helps to keep many wild animals away from your house and protect the plants in front of you. Some fences can be fitted with barbed wire to prevent people and animals from entering your yard. It can also be equipped with an electric hook that can vibrate anything that hits it. These types of fences are very safe for you. It gives you the privacy and security you need.

Product Features

Installation is simple and convenient, you can customize any size you want to ensure that your requirements are met.

It can effectively prevent the growth of vegetation under the fence without overgrown grass.

Save labor, energy, maintenance and chemical costs.

Made of durable materials.


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