PVC Privacy Fences

PVC Privacy Fences

Frame Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: PVC
Application: Residential
Color: White, Tan
HS Code: 39259000 Certification:ASTM, ISO9001
HS Code: 39259000
UV: UV Proof

Product Details

The full name of PVC guardrail is pvc plastic steel guardrail, which is called plastic steel. Because of the lack of plastic, its rigidity is poor. Therefore, in the assembly and manufacture, the lining steel is reinforced in the plastic parts according to the requirements to make up for the shortcomings, so it is called the plastic steel guardrail.

1, What is Virgin Vinyl?

★This is the term used for vinyl products that do not contain recycled products. Recycled products that may be imported into an extrusion plant many

contain impurities or lower grade vinyl which can seriously affect the finished products resilience, impact resistance and UV inhibition.

We use only PVC/Vinyl products extrude with virgin ingredients. 

2, What is the main advantage of choosing PVC/Vinyl?

★ Vinyl/PVC is warranted for life and does not require any paints, stains, maintenance or replacement. 

3, Is PVC/Vinyl really strong enough for winter climates?

★One of the most important ingredients in our PVC/Vinyl is the “Impact Modifiers” which make it as strong as standard wood.

Today, in promoting a green and healthy life, pvc plastic steel guardrail has become an indispensable part of urban construction. It is widely used in urban roads, riversides, parks, plazas, schools, municipalities, communities and other greening and environmental protection and beautification decoration projects, and has become a beautiful landscape in the construction of civilized cities.

1. Anti-corrosion treatment, the service life of more than ten years. Effectively solve the problems of surface rust, chalking and cracking of the barrier products that have long been plagued.

2. Aood decorative, rich colors, to meet the individual needs of different customers for the guardrail products.

3. Good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and damp heat resistance, suitable for use in different regions.

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