Plastics Trellis Panels

Plastics Trellis Panels

Frame Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: PVC
Application: Residential
Color: White, Tan
UV: UV Proof

Product Details

All models with color white tan gray black etc

Vinyl Is Extremely Durable and Reliable

Polyvinyl Chloride is a tough, heavy duty plastic material that will not be damaged by insects, moisture, and harsh weather conditions.

It is flexible enough that it will not crack or bend easily, and it is not susceptible to decay from water and moisture.

It will never rot or rust! Those Florida termites and other insects are not a concern. Property owners will not have to worry about corrosion, rotting and warping throughout the life of this superior type of fencing material.

Production process

1. Extrusion: The pvc powder was placed in a blender and then extruded from the machine by extrusion to form a fence.

2. Cutting: pvc fence profiles can be cut into any length by cutting machine according to the requirements of different customers.

3. Drilling: Drill holes in the pvc column and follow the rails of different styles.

4. Slotting: Slotting on the switch and rail through the slotting machine prevents the drawbars and guides from being pulled out when the fence is installed.


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